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Create Photographic, capturing quality commercial photography for leading brands across the UK

Strong commercial photography can be the key to success of every business. Especially these days when everything is image driven, which is why we Create Photographic listen to our clients to help them achieve a strong visual identity.


We work with a variety of large brands and businesses, both nationally and locally in Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire. We regularly work with small local brands and start up’s. We are also more than comfortable liaising directly with in-house marketing teams. directly or management, to bring a vision to life. The advertising landscape has changed dramatically and requires investment in time to create a strong social media presence. This is vital to the success of any small business and we understand this. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Pinterest can play powerful roles for you and more importantly, enable you to direct your business or service to your target audience.
One thing we come across regularly is businesses purchasing low cost stock images to use on their websites. If you and I can spot a stock library image, so can your potential client. Images created in house and tailored for your client will give your clients trust in you, your brand and service or product. No amount of stock library images will be enable to do this.


One thing that always surprises us is how often images are not thought about or even neglected on websites and marketing material. Especially when there is such a great product, team or brand. We can guide you to make the most of your business. Ensuring that you achieve a visual impact regardless of whether your marketing budget is large or small.


a selection of previous commercial photography projects for a diverse range of brands


your staff are as important to your clients and in today’s modern world your customer needs to feel connected with the person on the other end of the phone or email correspondence. Your staff are the voice of your business and your clients need to know who they are. Whether you are looking for headshots on a plain white background or something a little more bespoke to fit in with your brand, we can help. Regardless of whether you have a large workforce, management team or are a small team in one office.


We regularly shoot for large companies that have several offices around the country and south of England. Having a set of consistent images will give your clients confidence in your brand or service. Taking the staff portraits on a mobile phone in a dark office with yellow ceiling lights just won’t do. Taking high quality photographs is our product and service and we have invested heavily in the best camera, lenses and lighting equipment to help us produce the highest quality images for you. Between us, we have over 30 years photographic experience and that counts for our clients.


Having worked together for a number of years on a variety projects, we have found the our separate attitudes and experience gel together, allowing us to supercharge our vision. The joint creative process has enabled us to create a visual identity and quality to our photography that we might not have achieved on our own. We are open to always learning new skills from each other as well as training and this has enabled us to embrace new photographic challenges. For instance, a recent client asked if we could create a time-lapse video of a building project over a two week period. We set the cameras up to photograph an image every 30 seconds over a 2 week period and we were surprised by how many technicalities we’d have to consider for something that seemed so simple.


Having two of us on the team enables us to work together on photography shoots when required. I am based in Southampton and Sam is based in Lymington and this has enabled us to build working relationships businesses across Hampshire and Dorset. Ultimately, having two of us in the photographic team helps us to capture strong and creative commercial photography for our clients. We are proud of our work ethos and images and we love to work with clients that understand the power of photography.


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